Archive: Bicycle Rally Demanding the Right to Work (NREGA) in Kolkata (1996)


The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 and the Right to Food Action, 2013 or otherwise known as the right to food and work were entitlements that PBKMS, along with many other organizations, had fought for for decades. The NREGA itself was a 2 decade struggle beginning in 1986, a year before the founding of Khet Majoor Samity. PBKMS’s own slogans for the right to food and work are:


গ্রামে থাকব                 graame takbo                 “we will stay in the village

গ্রামে খাটব                   graame kutbo                 we will work in the village

ভিটে মাটি ছাড়বনা”      vite mati charbuna        we won’t let go of our ancestral land”


প্রতি পাতে ভাত চাই    pruti pathe bhaat chai    “we want everyone to have rice

প্রতি হাতে কাজ চাই      pruti hate kaj chai            we want every hand to have work

কাজ দিতে আইন চাই”   kaj dite ayn chai               we want a law that gives work”




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